Thursday, 13 March 2014

Boy; words for James...



A blanket of corporeal emotion

Placed around your shoulders.

Yet pinned to your breast

With a clasp of steel.

A subtle gesture of what penetrates me.

You are my beautiful.


You are grafted to me eternally.

Look at our Spheres,

As they dance in the Heavens.

The stars look on dangerously

And the bodies stare relentlessly.

But we are entwined.

A purity and intimacy unknown even here.

Complete me, my beautiful.


For that is what you are:

My beautiful.

That radiating light.

Everything I've ever needed.

It is in your eyes I dream,

But more in your Self I become.

I hold you close so please breathe.

Let your whispers always reach me.

Please be careful.

The clasp doesn't mirror to buckle.


Purity and intimacy.

It's not a case of biting the apple,

My beautiful.

I will forever adorn you with all I am.

Please breathe my beautiful.

Please look at what penetrates me.

Hold it my beautiful.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Personally not one for make up, yet I'm now made-up....

Despite the fact that blusher nor eye shadow has donned this histoire de visage. In fact not even nail varnish adorned my fat, plump teenage fingers during my emo, pop-punk phase of socio-(pseudo)intellectual development, YET (my favourite three-lettered Deus ex-machina) it appears I have indeed spent some four, five hours researching, tumbling, sojourning and indulging in the beautiful narrative which accompanies Canadian, 80's uber-brand M.A.C's VIVA GLAM: its very omnificence the true testament to the potentiality in the contemporary, putting some real in relativism.

Despite the detriment effect she and her superstar-ness has had on a generations grammar [nouns DO NOT possess gender in the Queen's fair tongue, so no gurl I shalln't be passing her over, or the rest of her grammatically retarded family] ever since 'To Wong Foo...' I do love the c(C)unt(ess) 

Now, I feel the need to employ a particularly considered diction, for to explain Viva Glam is paramount; for that which it is extends beyond a simple dichotomy of rational and empirical. This apparent difficulty in constructing an explanation, with all those implied third-party relayers of what still fundamentally remains my subjectivity, is not unwarranted, one contends, for at best a 19th Century ambivalence had my consciousness appropriated. In 1994, under the Fierce and very Real reign of her Ladyship RuPaul, Viva Glam I was launched: a burgundy red lipstick and lipgloss, which M.A.C, in 2014, herald as "universal in glamour and appeal". However, it wasn't just that Viva Glam had a Vestal vision as its spokesperson, every penny and cent of the selling price of the dynamic duo being placed into the M.A.C AIDS Fund: to date a staggering, inspiring $270 million has been raised through the sales of Viva Glam lipstick and lipgloss. During nigh on two decades M.A.C truly bore its heart and soul in the deployment and development of several Viva Glam campaigns, and although many an East London Gurl is happy RuPaul's back representin', every face and facet between then and now has been considered and made manifest to one end, supporting individuals and communities internationally. Viva Glam transcendences mere aesthetic, it permeates: utilizing popular culture, reminding us that we are all Human, and exactly what a seemingly innate capacity to emote can consequent.   
To be honest, there is a particularly fun uniting factor I did observe in chronicling Viva Glam's 19 year narrative: the simply amazing collective who have put their beautiful, historically significant faces to the material product, as well as the extant metaphysical ethos. I mean, fuck me! Lil' Kim, Mary J., Eve AND Ricky Martin, under an umbrella that isn't as crude as the containing two, maybe three, contenders for that dream orgy I am going to have at some point in 2015...



VIVA GLAM: Ricky & Nicki

Just cuz she is the Queen Bee: VG Dinner 2006