Friday, 22 April 2011

P&C: Present & Correct

"Since 2003, when we were not being graphic designers, we have been cutting and pasting from our front room in London. Making paper goods and selling them far and wide. It reminded us of being small; sticking tin foil to cereal cartons and the dog, but hopefully with more professional results.

A long-term obsession with stationery has culminated in a constantly evolving store. A selection of P&C products mixed up with handmade goods, vintage items and work by designers from all over the world.

Sourced from Seoul or picked up on the bus from Peckham: we hope that our designs, and finds, bring some fun to your desks, walls, friends and children. It might spark a distant memory, make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new, and fonder, light." [quoted directly from the ABOUT US section of the Present and Correct website]

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'Quando eu nasci': When I was born - The story is about a boy and all of his new experiences, like meeting dogs and going in a car (hardback).

Hungarian Craft Pack - Excellent for their packaging alone , each Budapest sourced craft pack contains a selection of paper for your collages, wrapping, cutting or just for notes. Varying textures and tones, all fairly muted.

Ideas Notepad - Like an elephants memory this super nice book will enable you store all of your thoughts and top ideas. The hardback paper concertina is decorated with panels of black/yellow lines and boxes, all housed in a neat slipcase. 18 panels on each side, 7x.3.5"

Make a Town kit 1 - A wonderful little town can be made from just 4 sheets of screen printed corrugated cardboard. All of the cards and buildings have a simple, crisp look to them. It's a town we would be happy to reside in! Each sheet measures 12x13". Designed by Robert Czajka.

Make a Zoo kit - This Russian construction kit is unfortunately SOLD OUT but deserves a nod nonetheless! Inside the green wallet is a set of 7 colouring cards, almost all you need to put together a cardboard menagerie for kids of all ages!

PresentandCorrect Paper Bags - P&C have been collecting paper ephemera since they could walk, which means having accumulated an awful lot. They are bags, made of paper, full of paper. Simple really. Inside each one you will find a great selection of old tickets, stencils, labels, numbers, envelopes, stickers, paper bags, iron on motifs, postcards... and every single bag is different. An ace little gift or addition to your craft drawer.

Pop-up Forest - Created by the same talented team as Popville, this pop up book sees the fall and rise of a lush forest full of birds and animals. Turn the pages and the forest shrinks as diggers clear it away, and then some new seeds are planted and it grows again. Clever, educational & nice to look at. Thankfully it is printed on tree friendly paper! Hardback 6x11" (written in French).

Pop-up Town - Take a trip to Popville! With the turn of each page the pop up town will build up before your eyes. Starting with a church and some trees and ending with a full on paper metropolis. Great colours, nice detailing with the roads and vehicles. Even the bridge has string suspension! 6x11"

Step Jotter - A nifty jotter which is ready divided for your organising pleasure, all you have to do is decide on your categories! In a mustard paper with fabric binding this book is simple, useful and just dieing to be decorated! It measures 5.75x8.5" and has 60 page

Vintage Index Set - Over the past few months P&C have been collecting old index cards, of varying age, size and colour. They make really ace, personalised mailing cards. Now you can choose your initial and you will get a bundle of 5 cards for your notes, greetings etc. The cards range from 8x5" to 5x3".

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Yellow Owl Workshop: stateside stamping and paper perfection

This San Francisco based gem create not only stunning limited edition paper goods, each article tended to by hand with expert craft and care, but an increasingly impressive range of rubber stamping sets. Proprietor, and design guru, Christine Schmidt has even recently published her first book Print Workshop; Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects - available to order now on amazon HERE!

Also, don't forget to follow the BLOG and check out the current list of all U.K, E.U and beyond suppliers HERE! A great place to start your Yellow Owl Workshop stamp collection, if a UK consumer, is the online shop for Tinsmiths, based physically in the market town of Ledbury, Herefordshire - click HERE to browse! 

Set of 3 molded natural rubber stamps with thick cushion, each mounted on maple block
Includes red ink pad with printed instructions 
packaged in hand-printed muslin bag
made in US

Set of 3 molded natural rubber stamps with thick cushion, each mounted on maple block

packaged in hand-printed muslin bag
made in US

Set of 5 molded natural rubber stamps with thick cushion, each mounted on maple block

presented in hand finished 4 x 8 inch birch box 
made in US

Limited Edition Serigraph- printed by hand

100% PCW recycled paper, 6.25 x 4.75 inches
$4.50 EACH / SET OF 5 $18.00 

Four postcards presented in matchbook-style cover with pencil.

Each 5.5 inch x 3.5 inch postcard is perforated for easy removal.
Screen printed by hand on 100%PCW recycled cover stock.

Illustration: children, childhood and the impact on design

Dan Bob Thompson

Junzo Terada

Lucia Gaggiotti 

Artisan Biscuits: baked by hand in England.

Artisan biscuits based on Aesop's Fables

The Tortoise & the Hare

The Owl & the Pussy Cat

Elle Decor Italia, February 2004
Elle Decor Italia, July/August 2004
Elle Decor Italia, July/August 2004
Elle Decor Italia, May 2004 - stenography for garden dossier
Elle Decor Italia, November 2008

Blair Lent

Tikki Tikki Tembo (1968) - Arlene Mosel (Author) & Blair Lent (Illustrator)

The Wave (1964) - Margaret Hodges (Author) & Blair Lent (Illustrator)

Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky (1968) - Elphinstone Dayrell (Author) & Blair Lent (Illustrator)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Transplant recipient holding bar mitzvah for his liver -

“Participating in organ transplants as a donor or a recipient is an important obligation for Jews,” she says.
Bialystok contracted hepatitis C as an infant when he was inoculated against smallpox in unsanitary conditions in his native Poland.
“I was at death’s door,” he says, referring to the time immediately prior to his 1998 transplant.
At the time, he suffered from muscle cramps that left him “writhing in agony,” severe fatigue, kidney problems and fluid retention.
The father of two and grandfather of three has always considered May 1 to be his “rebirthday.” So naturally the topic of his sermon at the bar mitzvah will be rebirth.
“People who have transplants have two birthdays,” he exclaims.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Just some of my 'stuff'

Pandas in the kitchen - just some of my panda paraphernalia that I have displayed in the kitchen. For more about me and pandas, visit my panda blog: Pandas are awwwwsome

Antique glass syringe - my grandmother was a nurse, with some of my earliest memories being built around the degree of respect she commanded (her professional persona existing in the highest tier of the nursing hierarchy, a fact I was not in the least shocked to learn), and govern nowhere more conspicuously than that veritable apothecary treat that was in fact Grandma's abode: ointments, creams, oils, bandages, grips, tubes, wipes, serums, in a manner of different shapes and sizes, yet all seemingly able to remedy any quandary a boy of 4, 5, 6 and more could conjure.

I procured this amazing lazer-cut, flat-pack, easy-to-assemble American style garage for a mere £12.95 some 3 or more years ago - however, subsequent stock became much more inflated in price and eventually became discontinued! A pity indeed!
The producer of this amazing paper novelty is Oregon based Ilisha Helfman (clicking HERE will send you directly to her blog 'Sunday Magazine Paper Doll Challenge'). The complete and current catalogue of other fantastic wares (please peruse her online store HERE) is equally astounding, partial personally towards the Emily's Dollshouse with all accessories' for a mere $85.00. The downside, I am heart-broken to remind, is that it seems rather difficult to locate UK vendors PLUS, upon doing so, such detective work will most likely yield products with a £ retail price much augmented to the $ price one need pay when buying the same product on 'home turf'.