Saturday, 10 July 2010

That which consumes my time today....

Palabra del dia: Solpar - to blow (con la boca/viento)

Palavra do dia: (um) Empecilho - obstacle, blockage, hitch, snag

Latin word of the day: Oculus, oculi - eye

Focus on: aeromancy

"the wreckage of vast sundowns predicts in sulphurous aeromancy havoc to be..." from Robert Malise and Bowyer Nichols, Fantastica: being the smile of the Sphinx, and other tales of

The prediction of future events based upon weather conditions devised and practised in medieval times. There are actually several types of divination that can be placed under the umbrella of 'aeromancy', such as austromancy (divination drawn from observing the wind, while nepthomancy rests upon an interpretation of the clouds movements). ceraunoscopy (divination whereby thunder and lightning are interpreted) and also meteormancy (divination by meteors and shooting stars)

The 16th century German alchemist, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, did note aeromancy as one of the four methods of elemental divination - geomancy, hydromancy and pyromancy complete the set and are discussed in his work 'The Philosophy of Natural Magic'... in fact I am intrigued to the point of purchasing a copying through right now!

...also Focus on: Couverture & The Garbstore

188 Kensington Park Road
W11 2ES

Telephone: 020 7229 2178

Couverture and Garbstore each have their own website, click away!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Oh! What delightful stationery: Cavallini & Co.

Available NOW at the amazing 'The Oak Room' at Hatfield Park's Stable Yard, Hertfordshire - an outstanding range of Cavallini brilliance perfectly, and practically, located under one exposed beamed roof! Contact or telephone 01707 257175

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"It's alive!" - finally, Alex James Bruce's design blog goes LIVE!

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein - in what has been a long time coming, to the point of the time time spanning conception to actuality eluding me, my friend Alex James Bruce's blog, 'Does This Come In Black?', has on this, the 6th of July 2010, gone LIVE!

Although my penchant is more for pandas, paper goods, etcetera, and not Big White houses (shown above) and black cladding adorning Britain's East (?) coast, I will be watching ardently!

After all, he too also enjoys a bit of Alexander Gerard. In fact this is the very same Alex to whom, when posting my initial enthusiasm of the American designer, I made special note.

I'm going to make special note of the dolls to the right. Designed in 1963, Girard created these half-decorative, half-toy wooden dolls for his own amusement, adorning his Santa Fe home. The Girard Estate, with the original housed in the Vitra Design Museum, have made Girard's part-joyful, part-grim available as reproductions - buy set 1 now at Atomic Interiors for only £59.20