Friday, 16 April 2010

Marriage... (with possibly some love thrown in there too... maybe...)

On the morrow my cousin Alex will be getting marriage to his long term partner Beth at St. Giles Church, a Church of England outpost that, although quaint, offers up a truly unbelievable picturesque setting to make those all-to-well known vows imbued with differing mixes of spirituality, modern legality and whatever else the happy couple chooses to stipulate. 

Not desiring to enter a debate on the 'meaning of marriage' (a topic that, if I'm honest, I would not be able to litigate successfully due to lack of reading, yet nonetheless would proceed to dive into view points that were equally half-baked and open to growth and development) the purpose of today's random musing is to share some newly discovered quotes, poems and other such literary titbits that relate to the theme of marriage, and, as thus and somewhat unsurprisingly, the all too frequented realm of 'love'.... 

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin (1813 - 1983), an American journalist and author. 

Marriage Bells 
by Emma Lazarus (1849 - 1887)   

Music and silver chimes and sunlit air, 
Freighted with the scent of honeyed orange-flower; 
Glad, friendly festal faces everywhere. 
She, rapt from all in this unearthly hour, 
With cloudlike, cast-back veil and faint-flushed cheek, 
In bridal beauty moves as in a trance 
Alone with him, and fears to breathe, to speak, 
Lest the rare, subtle spell dissolve perchance. 
But he upon that floral head looks down, 
Noting the misty eyes, the grave sweet brow-- 
Doubts if her bliss be perfect as his own, 
And dedicates anew with inward vow 
His soul unto her service, to repay 
Richly the sacrifice she yields this day