Friday, 25 June 2010

Sorry, but I am simply obsessed with greeting cards!

I am terribly fond of 'paper things'.

Vague, I know, since the world of ephemera  is large. In fact, I have come to conclude it is impossible to know all that is exciting, interesting, amusing and awe inspiring wihin this unverse and, as thus, have decidedly come to dither on those particulars which take my fancy.

This is all a roundabout way of saying that, with nothing less than my hand on my heart, I do have a certain amount of love for greeting cards - okay, okay... once again a grey area in terminology but I am, through what ends up being hours of research and browsing *coughs*, distinguishing those areas within the Occasion Card Universe that hold special appeal, in terms of scenario utilized, history, style, manufacture and illustration....

Here are some of the bits and bobs I have unearthed...

Belle and Boo..

Darling Clementine..

Lima Design..

 Hello! Lucky..

Thursday, 24 June 2010

I mean never to preach..

Posts that, throughout the history of my blogging, herald to a theme of my vegetarianism and anti-animal cruelty do not necessarily intend to bluster the veggie zen but just to perpetuate personal musings and, ultimately, to give one and all a notion of my position...

I bought 'The Animal Film' about 9 months ago with the intention to watch and learn... perhaps even giving the impetus to finally embrace veganism in all its (mentally perceived..) glory!!

HOWEVER... even contemplating releasing this disc from its plastic sanctuary sends a feeling one notch north of a shiver - I am trying to make light of condemnation, utilize the fascination we have in the abject to propagate the brutual, yet very real, truth regarding the contempoary relationship between animlal and man. I know I will cry uncontrollably, so I refuse to watch alone!! I need a partner that has some degree of consideration, an arduous ami... 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Alicia Silverstone does goooood.

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