Thursday, 13 March 2014

Boy; words for James...



A blanket of corporeal emotion

Placed around your shoulders.

Yet pinned to your breast

With a clasp of steel.

A subtle gesture of what penetrates me.

You are my beautiful.


You are grafted to me eternally.

Look at our Spheres,

As they dance in the Heavens.

The stars look on dangerously

And the bodies stare relentlessly.

But we are entwined.

A purity and intimacy unknown even here.

Complete me, my beautiful.


For that is what you are:

My beautiful.

That radiating light.

Everything I've ever needed.

It is in your eyes I dream,

But more in your Self I become.

I hold you close so please breathe.

Let your whispers always reach me.

Please be careful.

The clasp doesn't mirror to buckle.


Purity and intimacy.

It's not a case of biting the apple,

My beautiful.

I will forever adorn you with all I am.

Please breathe my beautiful.

Please look at what penetrates me.

Hold it my beautiful.


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