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Awesomeness Overview: Shelf (online)

Who are they?

Shelf opened in 2001, the joint effort of Jewellery Designer Katy Hackney and Costume Designer Jane Petrie.

Shelf  took on an identity of its own. Many of the wonderful things which were intended to be sold were left by the wayside as the shop decided for itself which goods were to come and go from the shelves. Collaborations with other artists, hunting trips to foreign lands and vintage finds in the unlikeliest of places have all contributed to the Shelf collection and continue to do so as the shop changes and evolves. 

In March 2011 Shelf became exclusively an online venture. 

Where to find them: - also check out the cherry-on-top accompanying blog at

Purveyors of what now?

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My Favourites

Product: Big Green Crocodile with hinged jaw and lots of teeth!

Brand: Ostheimer

Department: Ornament

Price: £25.50 [Go HERE!]
Product: Ostheimer Bears

Brand: Ostheimer

Department: Ornament

Price: £15.00 [Go Here!]

Being as much curious ornaments as traditional wooden toys, it is no surprise that Ostheimer's selection of wooden animals places the dichotomy between tradition and change in a new context, effortlessly creating products which inform of a history of home-made craftmanship, itself exceeding 50 years, yet emerge exotic and adaptable. Ostheimer is appreciated around the world, with a reputation for producing traditional wooden toys of the very best quality, designed to be handed down from generation to generation.Ostheimer figures are produced exclusively from high quality native hardwood, maple and elm. Slight differences in colour and slight deviations in the structure of the grain are not defects, but instead contribute to the special charm and uniqueness of Ostheimer figures. 

The transparent colours are applied by hand with up to six consecutive coats,they are non-toxic, water-soluble stains which do not hide the natural surface of the wood. The design and the colour is based on the awareness that the children must still be able to feel and experience the wood. The figures are hand traced onto planed wood using templates, they are then sawn out and carefully sanded to achieve the typical soft edged form.

To read more regarding Ostheimer's production ethos please follow THIS link. 

Recommended for age 3+; measures approx 23 cm

Product: Embossed Paper Alphabet

Brand: Hand embossed in Germany

Department: Stationery & Office

Price: £8.00 [Go HERE!]

A sheet of 48 silver paper letters in a circus style font.
2 of each letter, apart from K, W, X and Z, plus an '&'
"Cut them free from each other and create labels for presents, greetings cards, children's party bags, table setting cards, the list is endless...."
Hand embossed using vintage press tools by Shelf's "friend Guido in Germany".

Sheet measures approx. 220 x 110mm; each letter is approx. 25mm x 22mm

Product: Pictorial Guide to East London

Brand: Handprinted screen print, limited run of 250

Price: £40.00 [Go HERE!]

An explorations of London's eastern reaches on this beautiful screenprint, produced in collaboration with Telegramme.
More than 40 of the East End’s most appealing businesses are picked out in vivid red, searing yellow and solid black. From traditional favourites E Pellici and Gardner’s Market Sundriesmen to the gent’s outfitters with a difference, Present.
Decorative and informative, it will brighten up the bleakest interior and provide inspiration to resident or visitor.
A three colour handprinted screen print on A2 (594 x 420 mm) 280 Metaphore cream paper. Printed in a run of of 250, each one numbered and signed.

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